Customize Your Tour

Our specialty is arranging customized tours based on the itineraries and specifications you give us. This way we can create a tour relevant to your group.

  • Tour Length

    Choose a short, week-long tour for spring break, or a longer tour in the summer.
  • Departure Date & City

    Choose your departure date and city. CETA Tours can advise which departure dates and cities would work best for your group.
  • Sightseeing & Activities

    Determine the pace of your tour. Include activities that best engage your students:
    • dance lessons
    • cooking classes
    • service learning
    • bike tours
    • stadium tours
  • Group Size

    A minimum of 15 travelers is recommended to keep tour costs lower. Tiered pricing is included.
  • Accommodations

    Depending on the destination, hotels or youth hostels can be utilized. Most importantly the accommodations provided are clean, safe, and appropriate for students.
  • Meals

    Incorporate meals that feature the local culture and cuisine:
    • tapas
    • Kaffee und Kuchen
    • crêpes
    • fondue
  • Tour Leader

    A full-time, bilingual tour leader can be included or tours can be teacher-led. Our Successful Student Tours manual is a resource for all our tour leaders and chaperones.
  • Teacher to-Student Ratio

    Choose the number of chaperones that works best for your group.
  • Family Stays

    Family stays can be arranged by CETA Tours in select locations. A GAPP or other private exchange program can incorporated.