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A successful tour abroad is all about good planning. We communicate with your teacher to learn what is important to your group, then suggest and plan your tour accordingly. Throughout the year CETA will provide information and assistance to help you and your teacher prepare for your upcoming tour.

Tour Preparation

We arrange carefully designed, meaningful educational tours with the safety and interests of today’s students in mind. We provide online access to:

  • Travel Handbook for Students & Parents

    This comprehensive handbook includes information about getting a passport, what to pack, using cash and currency abroad, health and safety on tour, and more.
  • Flight Schedule & Airline Luggage Requirements

    Along with your flight times and numbers, your flight schedule also has information about where to check in. It also includes guidelines for carry-on and checked baggage with links to the airline website.
  • Passport Pouch

    CETA provides a passport pouch (worn around your neck and under your clothing) to make sure your passport, money and ATM cards are safe.
  • Accommodations List

    This list has the names, addresses, and contact information of all of the places your group is staying. This copy should be left at home. You will receive another accommodations list at the airport.
  • Family Stay Questionnaire (when applicable)

    If CETA arranges a family stay for your school, you will complete information to help our coordinators pair you with a family. Shortly before departure, you will receive a list of all of the host families' names, addresses and phone numbers as well as contact information for your teacher. At least one teacher or chaperone will be in the town during the family stay and be available as needed.

Departure Day Materials

Your teacher will have the following items for you at the airport:

  • Luggage Tags

    You will receive two luggage tags (with your name and address pre-printed) – one for your carry-on bag and one for your checked bag.
  • Passport Accommodations List

    A passport-sized accommodations list will be provided to tape into your passport. This way, you have a list of where you’re staying with you at all times.

While On Tour

  • An experienced tour leader or your teacher will manage your trip. Your teacher will know the tour leader’s name at the pre-departure meeting shortly prior to departure.
  • CETA Tours provides emergency contact numbers to tour leaders and teachers so that they can reach a CETA staff member 24 hours/day. If you call CETA Tours after business hours, there is always an after-hours phone number provided for emergencies.
  • Teachers receive home and emergency phone numbers for their students.