About CETA Tours

About CETA Tours

Bringing the Best Travel Experiences to Students and Adults

CETA was founded on the idea that student travel should be fun, educational and affordable for students, while also being enjoyable for teachers. That is why our mission is to provide quality tours at reasonable prices with outstanding service.

We understand the demands teachers face both in the classroom and on tour because both our founder and our current President are former teachers. CETA Tours was founded by Jeff Hoag, a German teacher, in Rochester, MN. In 1974 Jeff took his German students on a bike tour to Europe, making all the arrangements for the tour himself. He continued to arrange and lead student tours while teaching full time. Over the years, his passion for travel turned into a business as he expanded and began organizing tours for other schools and also for adult groups. While Jeff retired from CETA Tours in 2007, he has kept travel as a hobby and arranges a few tours each year for adults, some of who have been traveling with him for almost 20 years.

Jeff’s daughter, Kristen Hoag Billingsley, is also a former teacher. Prior to working in the travel industry, she taught German and Spanish at Menomonie Middle School and led tours for several summers while teaching. She started working with Jeff in 1997, overseeing the student travel program. She took over as President of CETA Tours upon Jeff’s retirement.

CETA Tours continues to work with many of the same bus companies, hotels and local tour guides with whom Jeff had established partnerships with 30 years ago. We are able to keep our prices reasonable because of these relationships, which eliminate any “middle-man” expenses. CETA staff personally develops our itineraries based on our years of travel experience. Our tours have a good balance of structured activities and individual exploration and include all sightseeing admission costs, two meals daily and gratuities.

Customized is part of our name because the majority of our tours are tailored to each group, designed by teachers or adult group organizers themselves. Our flexibility allows you to be involved in designing your itinerary down to the last detail. Our experience enables us to either advise you as you plan or do all the planning for you. So whether you are looking to join one of the tours found here on our website or you would like to put together your “dream tour,” we are here to help ensure your tour is all you want it to be.